Frequently asked questions


When you book a stay in your Tuseca residence, you benefit from this property alone . Your co-owners will benefit from the property during the stays they have reserved. In other words, you will never stay in your property at the same time as other co-owners . On the other hand, you can of course invite relatives when you stay in your second home.

When you buy a share through Tuseca, you are also buying the furnishings that make up the house. When you buy one share, you own 1/8 of the value of the furniture and furnishings of the house.

No, if you buy one of the 8 available shares and the remaining shares have not yet found a buyer, you can start using the property without having to wait for the other shares to be sold.

Several Dozens of checkpoints are validated when Tuseca acquires a property . Any necessary work is systematically budgeted and carried out before delivery of the goods to our customers. An external expertise, covered by insurance, is also carried out to validate the structural quality of the property and identify any points of vigilance for the coming years.

The house is fully furnished and decorated by our interior designers, and equipped with everything you need on a daily basis: crockery, sheets, towels, bath products…

Of course, acquiring a Tuseca second home can be done with loved ones, family or friends!

Yes, you can buy one (or more) share(s) in joint ownership as a couple or with relatives

There is no formal meeting scheduled between the co-owners in the purchase process. It is, however, entirely possible.

Tuseca cooperates with professional interior designers and quality suppliers. Each home is carefully equipped with everything needed to cook, relax, or otherwise spend time in the property to the owners’ maximum satisfaction.

Yes, there is a correlation between the price of the house and the price of the units, each unit representing a fraction of the house.

The customer buys a share in the company ranging from ⅛ to ½ of the property. However, to ensure maximum comfort for the owners, the entire property is owned by one owner, which is a company formed in Austria GmbH & Co. KG. That is, the client buys a share in the company that owns the property.

Tuseca is not a time-share, our system collects information and is personalized to the specific owner. At the same time, it displays available dates of stays in real time. Timeshares generally operate on fixed stay weeks or other scheduling constraints. At the same time, there is often a priority order (giving priority to other co-owners) and other practices that disadvantage other owners.

Each property owner pays monthly fees. The amount of the monthly fees varies depending on the property. The price of the monthly fees is also determined by the size of the share owned, i.e. the larger the share owned, the larger the monthly fees. Monthly fees include: property tax, cleaning fee, property management, maintenance, Tuseca management fee, insurance, repair fund, service charge.

This is a real estate transaction in the commonly used form called a “share deal”. This means that it is not the real estate itself that is being transferred (the share in the real estate), but the share in the company that owns the real estate.

Yes, you can buy more than one share in a property. The number of nights per year is then based on this.


The special stay includes holidays and individually selected special dates (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.). Co-owners may use one Special Stay date (two-night stay, with the start of the stay on the Special Stay date) per ⅛ share per year. The Special Stay is selected exclusively for the upcoming calendar year. A rotating booking model, ensures that Special Stays are rotated so that everyone can regularly take advantage of the most desirable dates (holidays) of the year.

Owners of a ⅛ share are entitled to six Main Stays, including a special date, and can enjoy unlimited short stays throughout the year. Each owner is guaranteed one special date per ⅛ share. If you are unable to book your preferred special date in a given year, our 24 month stay calendar will allow you to book a stay on your preferred date the following year.

Each co-owner can book from a minimum stay of 2 nights up to a maximum stay of 14 nights.

Thanks to our reservation system, no, it’s not. The system is as clear as possible and works in real time. This means that when you search for your appointment you can see in real time whether your appointment is booked or not. So you will not get a situation where you receive a message after booking your appointment: This date is no longer available. If you can see in the app that the date is available, then it is indeed available and you can make a reservation according to your preferences.

The cancellation rule is simple: – If you cancel your stay more than 30 days before the arrival date, no nights will be deducted – If you cancel your stay less than 30 days before the arrival date and no co-owner takes over your dates, your stay may be deducted from the balance of nights even if you do not use the house.

With our booking system, yes, you can plan spontaneously. Sometimes you just need to relax, which is why our app works in real time. Just look at the available dates and book at least 2 days before your arrival.

Each share (1/8) allows access to a total of 44 nights, which are divided between the different seasons: – High season, which has 56 nights, i.e. a minimum of 7 guaranteed nights per co-owner. The specific season is specifically set for each property, depending on its location. Some properties may have two main seasons; Middle Season, which has 64 nights and is divided into two parts (32 nights before and 32 nights after the Main Season); The specific season period is specifically set for each property; Off-season period usually has 232 nights, i.e. 29 nights per co-owner. The off-season period is individual for each property based on the Main and Mid Season settings. The more shares a co-owner purchases, the more the total number of nights increases (2 shares = 88 nights, 3 shares = 132 nights, 4 shares = 176 nights). The total number of nights is 352. The remaining number of days per year are for property maintenance and seasonal cleaning/repair in the absence of the co-owners.

Owners can hold one special date(=Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc..) staying at ⅛ share per year.


The furniture supplied with the house remains in the house.

If you have sold your shares without our help, no commission will be charged.

The sale will be completed in a few months on average, just like a classic real estate transaction.

Tuseca recommends a market price, but the seller has the final say.

Yes, buyers have the right to negotiate prices according to market trends. You, as the seller, determine the selling price and therefore have the choice to accept or reject any offer. If you sell through our platform, we will advise you on the appropriate price in relation to the current market situation.

No, co-owners do not have a say in the matter.

You can sell your share at any time after 12 months of ownership. You are free to set the selling price that suits you and have the possibility to sell by your own means or with our support.


You’re safe. Tuseca will take care of these costs, so you are covered and can enjoy your dream second home without worry.

You and your guests can bring (non-dangerous) pets. You are responsible for any damages they may cause.

No, smoking is not allowed inside the property.

We work with interior designers so that the decoration is as harmonious as possible with the property, in compliance with the local urban plan, and appeals to as many people as possible. Also, by choosing TUSECA, the entire aesthetic aspect is entrusted to us, so you do not have the possibility of choosing the furniture and decoration. On the other hand, you have the possibility of making specific requests which will be the subject of a vote of the co-owners.

Yes, of course, each co-buyer has a secure personal locker (the size of the storage varies depending on the property). Some houses also have a shared storage space for large objects (bicycle, sports equipment, stroller, etc.)

First of all, it is important to know that, in the case of foreclosure, seizure of the partnership interests of a civil society, which is more difficult to accomplish than foreclosure of property, is not the method generally preferred in the chronological order of methods used to recover debts. Therefore, a creditor will, for example, be interested in seizing other assets of its debtor (bank accounts, etc.) first. In the event that the proceedings lead to the seizure of the company’s shares, the debtor has the option to sell his shares amicably after the bailiff has seized them. If the debtor does not make use of this option, the bailiff will carry out a forced sale of the share. Unlike an execution, this is not a court proceeding. An auction of the share is then organised. The other shareholders are not affected.

You are free to do what you want in your house, as long as it does not disturb the neighborhood.

In order to always better meet the expectations of the co-owners, TUSECA is led to develop both the Shareholders’ Pact and its management service. These modifications may be subject to approval by the general meeting of the co-owners.

Yes, they can. Tuseca can be removed as a service working for that LLC. The owners themselves, with the knowledge of the building manager, must act and vote on it.

Maintenance is handled by Tuseca, including tree trimming, gutter cleaning and pool maintenance, through local companies and their professionals.

Tuseca carries out all the necessary maintenance to keep the house and its equipment in good condition. The costs are transparent and payment is made in advance.

Tuseca is responsible for the security of your home. You can rest assured: the house is equipped with an alarm system and Tuseca has a contract with a security company.

Yes, the house is insured

Each region has a dedicated Property Manager, who assists owners with scheduling, housekeeping, special requests and other issues related to stays and properties.

The properties are inspected after each visit. Any damage beyond normal wear and tear is charged to the owner who was using the house at the time. Damage caused by normal wear and tear = broken dishwasher, washing machine, burst light bulb etc. Damage over and above = broken window, tiles, etc. Owners are not directly responsible for the failure of items and things that have a limited life and need repair or replacement over time. These replacements are paid for from the reserve fund of the company owning the property.

Estimate costs

The monthly management fee for Tuseca is 99 €/month. This fee covers the costs of managing the GmbH: the organisation of the annual general meeting, accounting, management of certain administrative procedures, remuneration of staff necessary for operational management and support, as well as technology developed to optimise the customer experience.

Monthly fees correspond to the operating costs of the property and are invoiced at the purchase price in proportion to the number of your shares. They are understood to be: – Administration charges: property tax, council tax, household waste collection charge and household insurance. – Operating charges: water, gas, electricity, heating and internet bills and, where applicable, garden and pool maintenance. – Maintenance package: minor maintenance work, replacement of furniture and fixtures and fittings – Work package: renovation of the façade, roof repairs, etc.

No! There are no unpleasant surprises with Tuseca, we don’t change the rules on the fly. The management fees we charge are a fair reflection of the work it takes Tuseca’s teams to manage each residence. Nothing more nothing less.

How to work with us

If we find sufficient interest in your property on the market from our network of buyers, Tuseca will make an offer to purchase your property.

The paperwork and process are similar to selling a whole house. However, you get an easy commission because Tuseca handles everything, including inspections, inspections and escrow – and we keep you informed all along the way.

Yes. Tuseca works with real estate agents and pays a standard commission.

There are different commission schemes in each region.

You will receive your payout upon completion of the sale of your share.

No, the commission will be paid soon after the sale of the share.

There are several advantages: The possibility to speed up the sale of the property and, in addition, to be able to continue to own part of the house if you are interested in it. You don’t have to worry about managing the house anymore. You can reduce your monthly maintenance costs accordingly.

We bring our partners a new business from the sale of shares in luxury real estate, which, thanks to an affordable price and full service, many of their existing or new clients will want to acquire. Partner real estate agencies will receive up to 6% of the value of each share they sell, immediately after the sale (up to 1/8 of the shares can be sold in one property). We are preparing a bonus program for our partners, which will let them participate in our rapid growth.

We will provide you with maximum sales support through materials for online, printed materials, product workshops, etc. Each property will soon have a perfect video presentation, including a presentation of the location and other information. Tuseca will provide inspections and close and settle the transaction (comparable to a classic real estate transaction).

Selling your property

The property is located in a sought-after recreational area. Good location/orientation of the property. Excellent structural and technical condition of the property (subject to technical inspection). Hassle-free acquisition titles (subject to due diligence). Interior fittings subject to individual assessment, we can buy the property with furniture if new or second-hand

Do you have a relationship with the property, has it created your memories? Nothing will change that, you will continue to use it with your family and you will keep the keys, you will co-own it. The creation of memories will continue. In addition, we always offer an appropriate price and we make the acquisition quickly.

We will carry out legal and technical verification of the house. Once we agree on the price of the property we will buy the whole property from you quickly. At the same time, you can become a new co-owner of ⅛ to ½ of the house through the company that newly owns the house and you can continue to enjoy the property.

We can buy the equipment of the property if it is in good condition, otherwise we will furnish the property with new furniture and retrofit the missing equipment (electronics, sauna, etc.)