How many days a year can I stay in the property?

Each share (1/8) allows access to a total of 44 nights, which are divided between the different seasons: – High season, which has 56 nights, i.e. a minimum of 7 guaranteed nights per co-owner. The specific season is specifically set for each property, depending on its location. Some properties may have two main seasons; Middle Season, which has 64 nights and is divided into two parts (32 nights before and 32 nights after the Main Season); The specific season period is specifically set for each property; Off-season period usually has 232 nights, i.e. 29 nights per co-owner. The off-season period is individual for each property based on the Main and Mid Season settings. The more shares a co-owner purchases, the more the total number of nights increases (2 shares = 88 nights, 3 shares = 132 nights, 4 shares = 176 nights). The total number of nights is 352. The remaining number of days per year are for property maintenance and seasonal cleaning/repair in the absence of the co-owners.